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Member of the Toronto Songwriters Association since its founding in 2004. TSA website designer and administrator.

TSA at The Only — Nov. 24, 2012

The Only Café, November 24, 2012

The Only Café, November 24, 2012

The TSA had a great gig on November 24 at The Only Café. Thanks to John Beairsto for organizing it. Eric contributed a terrific PA system (Bose L2). You could hear and see the positive effect it had on the performances and the audience enjoyment.

Bob kicked the night off followed by Robin, Mike, John, Stephen, Anastace, Eric and Sandy.

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Time for a TSA Website Redesign

TSAWebsiteThe TSA website was created in 2006, two years after the official founding of the Toronto Songwriters Association. It has served us well. A steady stream of people visited the site and contacted us. A number of them came to meetings and became members.

But now it’s time for a redesign. We have some specific goals in mind. We want it to be a multi-author site, so that TSA members can easily contribute; we want it to be more interactive and easy to integrate with social media. We want to keep the best from the past, but open it up to the new. In order to do that, we have to bring the platform up to date so that we can add new features as they.

So we have decided to build the new site on a WordPress platform. We like the WordPress concept of separating content from design. We like the idea of mixing static pages with blogs. It’s a more flexible engine than we had before. And it’s open source.

You’ll see that we are at this point retaining something of the look of the old site. We are trying to keep some continuity with the old site so that visitors won’t think they’ve taken a wrong turn and ended up in Albuquerque by mistake (no offence meant to Albuquerque — it’s just a TSA inside joke). But we hope that you like the new look and that you appreciate the new opportunities it gives us to interact with songwriters.