October 2017 Meeting


The assignment for the month was to write and present a song that was from the perspective of a child. Welcome to first-time attendee Linda. Next month’s assignment will be at a member’s home in Etobicoke on Friday Nov 10. Message us for the exact location.

June 2017 Meeting


The songwriting assignment this month for each of us was to write and present a song that had anything to do with random videos we were given. Success! Hosted for the first time at a new location (a member’s home, as usual).

May 2017 Meeting


The optional assignment for our group this month was to write and present a song that had anything to do with science fiction. Nanu Nanu. And welcome to first-time attendee Jacqueline. Hopefully your name is spelled correctly. 🙂

Next meeting will be on Friday June 9th near the Danforth / Pape area in Toronto at a member’s home. Message our group for the actual address and for the optional songwriting assignment. You don’t have to write a song — you can play any song that you’d like constructive feedback on. And of course, you can just show up and listen! It’s quite magical seeing a bunch of humans share their original art in a supportive environment.

March 2017 Meeting


This month’s assignment was for each of us to try to write and present a song that had anything to do with a product: a real one or a fake one.

Assignments are shared well ahead of the meetings so everybody has time to create. Membership is free and open to anybody. The membership hashtag for the month is: #SeekingFewerWhiteMales

The next meeting will be on Thursday evening April 13, 2017 at a member’s home in the Etobicoke area. To join, even as a spectator, contact us through this website, or through the Toronto Songwriters Google Group, or message us on the Facebook Page.

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February 2017 Meeting

‘Twas a small meeting this month. A combo of terrible weather, colds (and maybe the song assignment?) kept folks away. The four of us made the best of it, however — each presenting a new song based on the idea of “no emotion.”