June 2017 Meeting


The songwriting assignment this month for each of us was to write and present a song that had anything to do with random videos we were given. Success! Hosted for the first time at a new location (a member’s home, as usual).

May 2017 Meeting


The optional assignment for our group this month was to write and present a song that had anything to do with science fiction. Nanu Nanu. And welcome to first-time attendee Jacqueline. Hopefully your name is spelled correctly. 🙂

Next meeting will be on Friday June 9th near the Danforth / Pape area in Toronto at a member’s home. Message our group for the actual address and for the optional songwriting assignment. You don’t have to write a song — you can play any song that you’d like constructive feedback on. And of course, you can just show up and listen! It’s quite magical seeing a bunch of humans share their original art in a supportive environment.

April 2017 Meeting


A huge crop of new songs at the April meeting as we watched snippets of 10 short videos and heard how the songwriters had interpreted them as songs. In addition we heard some great non-assignment songs. That’s what can happen in April. We forget all about winter’s forgetful snow and breed “lilacs out of the dead land”. Well, May is pretty good for breeding lilacs too, so let’s go for it again on May 12. If you’d like to attend, go to the Contacts page and complete the form so we can include you in our monthly meeting email list, or send us a message via the TSA Facebook page.

March 2017 Meeting


This month’s assignment was for each of us to try to write and present a song that had anything to do with a product: a real one or a fake one.

Assignments are shared well ahead of the meetings so everybody has time to create. Membership is free and open to anybody. The membership hashtag for the month is: #SeekingFewerWhiteMales

The next meeting will be on Thursday evening April 13, 2017 at a member’s home in the Etobicoke area. To join, even as a spectator, contact us through this website, or through the Toronto Songwriters Google Group, or message us on the Facebook Page.

toronto songwriting group

February 2017 Meeting

‘Twas a small meeting this month. A combo of terrible weather, colds (and maybe the song assignment?) kept folks away. The four of us made the best of it, however — each presenting a new song based on the idea of “no emotion.”

January 2017 Meeting


Some of us kicked off the new year by completing this month’s assignment: to present a new song that had anything to do with Leonard Cohen. Kenna the dog seemed to like all of the results.

November 2016 Meeting


Since our scheduled meeting (the 2nd Friday of every month) fell on November 11 this year, the assignment was to write and present a song that had something to do with Remembrance Day. Most of the attendees did so, and there was lots of great constructive feedback and praise for the results. Welcome to first-time attendees Nicholas, Jayne and John.
toronto songwriters meeting november 2016

August 2016 Meeting


It was a good yet mellower-than-usual meeting. Was it the heat? We played our songs and gave and received constructive feedback as usual. The assignment for the month was to write a song that had anything to do with a cause.

toronto songwriters association

The air conditioning was on because it was damn hot outside.

July 2016 Meeting

The assignment was to write a song about a mythical creature or a fictional character. But then this suspicious lot from west end Toronto showed up. Most of them did have assignment songs though, so in the end it was okay. We had time to dig deeply into analysis and feedback. We learned a thing or two about songwriting.


June 2016 Meeting

What was in the punch? The assignment for the month was for each of us to write and present a song that had at least a little bit of talking or spoken word in it. Piano, acoustic guitar, classical guitar and mandolin all made appearances for accompaniment. Welcome to first-time TSA meeting attendee Roy.
toronto songwriters meeting