January 2023 Zoom Meeting

The January 2023 Zoom meeting! As usual, our new original songs were shared and kindly critiqued by our peers. The next night we had a rare in-person get-together at The Only Cafe in Toronto, where members played original songs live.

3 thoughts on “January 2023 Zoom Meeting

  1. Hello Auguste,

    Please click on the “Contact TSA” option on the TSA Home Page, answer a couple of questions and voila, you will receive an invitation to the next meeting.

    • Hello Auguste,

      Thanks for reaching out. You can join the next meeting by going to the TSA website and asking to get on the mailing list. On the TSA Home Page, there is a selection that looks like this – For invitation —> Contact TSA – simply click on that link, answer a couple of questions, and you will get an invitation tot eh next meeting.

      ..Eric Walker

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