August 2023 Meeting

We made it in person! After nearly 3.5 years of Zoom-only meetings, this was our first attempt to gather at a member’s home; the previous in-person meeting was way back in February 2020. The host thought maybe only 3 people would show up (summers have traditionally low attendance, and several regular members have moved away from the Greater Toronto Area). But! We ended up being a robust group of 10. The evening went late and everyone seemed to enjoy it in its entirety. In September, we will return to Zoom, and then try another in-person meeting in October. Contact us if you wish to join either; all are welcome.

July 2023 Meeting

The theme for songs this month was minimalism. Next month August will be the first in-person meeting in over 3 years! Message us for more info if you wish to attend in Toronto 2nd Friday of August.

March 2023 Meeting

The optional assignment was to write and present a song entitled, “I Didn’t Know That.” As usual, we provided compliments and constructive criticism following each offering. Message us if you ever wish to join.