August 2023 Meeting

We made it in person! After nearly 3.5 years of Zoom-only meetings, this was our first attempt to gather at a member’s home; the previous in-person meeting was way back in February 2020. The host thought maybe only 3 people would show up (summers have traditionally low attendance, and several regular members have moved away from the Greater Toronto Area). But! We ended up being a robust group of 10. The evening went late and everyone seemed to enjoy it in its entirety. In September, we will return to Zoom, and then try another in-person meeting in October. Contact us if you wish to join either; all are welcome.

July 2023 Meeting

The theme for songs this month was minimalism. Next month August will be the first in-person meeting in over 3 years! Message us for more info if you wish to attend in Toronto 2nd Friday of August.

March 2023 Meeting

The optional assignment was to write and present a song entitled, “I Didn’t Know That.” As usual, we provided compliments and constructive criticism following each offering. Message us if you ever wish to join.

January 2023 Zoom Meeting

The January 2023 Zoom meeting! As usual, our new original songs were shared and kindly critiqued by our peers. The next night we had a rare in-person get-together at The Only Cafe in Toronto, where members played original songs live.

December 2022 Meeting

Our December 2022 Zoom meeting photo. We mostly presented songs that sounded like something from the 1960s. For January 2023, the (optional!) assignment is to write and present a song that begins with a chorus. All are free to join our meetings — message us for more info. Happy Holidays!

November 2022 Meeting

It was Remembrance Day in Canada, and we humbly met with our freedoms at hand to share our original songs. Next meeting’s optional assignment is likely going to be: write and present a song that sounds like it could have come out of the 1960s. Welcome to first-time attendee Ella Frank, and re-welcome to long-hiatus attendee Paul Gallagher.