January 2023 Zoom Meeting

The January 2023 Zoom meeting! As usual, our new original songs were shared and kindly critiqued by our peers. The next night we had a rare in-person get-together at The Only Cafe in Toronto, where members played original songs live.

December 2022 Meeting

Our December 2022 Zoom meeting photo. We mostly presented songs that sounded like something from the 1960s. For January 2023, the (optional!) assignment is to write and present a song that begins with a chorus. All are free to join our meetings — message us for more info. Happy Holidays!

November 2022 Meeting

It was Remembrance Day in Canada, and we humbly met with our freedoms at hand to share our original songs. Next meeting’s optional assignment is likely going to be: write and present a song that sounds like it could have come out of the 1960s. Welcome to first-time attendee Ella Frank, and re-welcome to long-hiatus attendee Paul Gallagher.

October 2022 Meeting

Here we were! The (optional) assignment for October was to write and present a song based on any book title. The upcoming (optional) assignment for November is to go for a walk with your phone – then at some point during your walk, sing or hum something or say some words to subsequently base a song on. Hope to see you then; all are welcome (Fri Nov 11; 7:30PM)! Message us here for an invite if you’re a first-timer.

July / August / September 2022 Meetings update

Well we missed that “attention to detail” over the last few months (by forgetting to post here with photos), but we definitely had songwriting meetings in all of July / August / September! Hopefully as of October 2022, you’ll see more consistent updates. See the October 2022 (optional) writing assignment. If you’ve never joined us before, feel free to reach out and ask for an invite; all are welcome.