May 2022 Meeting

The Toronto Songwriters Association met on Friday May 13th and the monthly exercise this month a lyric exchange. This is a popular exercise as it involves another songwriter. The exercise is to have one songwriter write a complete or partial set of lyrics and those are then sent anonymously to another songwriter who must complete the song using those lyrics as a starting point. Lots of great songs resulted!! All songwriters are welcome – from beginners to pros!!

June 2021 Meeting

Perhaps it was the extended pandemic and unending virtual meetings, or perhaps it was that on the night of this meeting, Toronto had opened patio dining and outdoor gatherings. Whatever the reason, we had the lowest turnout since the beginning of the pandemic. That said, great songs and great spirit!!

May 2021 Meeting

Enough of this pandemic already!! Virtual meeting number 17 or 18! This month’s exercise was to write a song based on a proverb. This brought out incredible creativity on the part of the songwriters and resulted in what many thought was a night of songs as good as any in the history (a lllooonnngggg history) of the TSA!

March 2021 Meeting

The pandemic rages on and all meetings remain virtual but the songwriting spirit remains alive and well at the Toronto Songwriters Association! This month’s optional exercise was to Write a song about or inspired by a street name. Again, terrific songs presented!

February 2021 Meeting

Everyone now getting used to (sick of) virtual meetings – a great turnout to show-off songs many of which we using this month’s optional exercise: Write a song that incorporates a litany of things (people, places, things, whatever). An enthusiastic group with attendees from all over the place!

January 2021 Meeting

The first meeting of 2021 on January the 8th! There was clearly a lot of interest in connecting around songwriting. This month’s optional exercise was to write an up tempo song. Ads usual, a bevy of great songs!

December 2020 Meeting

Every year in December, the TSA holds it’s annual TSA December Party – except this year due to the pandemic! Instead, we help a virtual meeting and just played music with no critiques. And a great meeting it was!!

April 2021 Meeting

The Toronto Songwriters Association (affectionately known as the TSA) had our monthly virtual meeting last night. We always have a songwriting exercise that is optional for attendees. Last night’s was to write a song from the perspective of an inanimate object. With attendees from North Carolina, Vancouver and all over the GTA, the songs were nothing short of tremendous.

November 2020 Meeting

Many great songs (yet again!) at last Friday’s Toronto Songwriters Association meeting. The optional exercise was to write a song about a home you used to live in or one you’d like to live in. The meetings are virtual (Zoom) so any songwriters anywhere are invited to join in on the 2nd Friday of every month at 7:30 pm Eastern.