April 2021 Meeting

The Toronto Songwriters Association (affectionately known as the TSA) had our monthly virtual meeting last night. We always have a songwriting exercise that is optional for attendees. Last night’s was to write a song from the perspective of an inanimate object. With attendees from North Carolina, Vancouver and all over the GTA, the songs were nothing short of tremendous.

November 2020 Meeting

Many great songs (yet again!) at last Friday’s Toronto Songwriters Association meeting. The optional exercise was to write a song about a home you used to live in or one you’d like to live in. The meetings are virtual (Zoom) so any songwriters anywhere are invited to join in on the 2nd Friday of every month at 7:30 pm Eastern.

July 2019 Meeting

Our (usual) group shot at our (usual) monthly meeting. The assignment for this month had two options: Write and present a song that had anything to do with a made-up word, or a song that had a non-4/4 time signature within. Next month’s assignment is to write and present a song that has anything to do with clothing or apparel.

June 2019 Meeting

Songwriters tired (the day after the Raptors’ NBA title win), but enthusiastic. The assignment for each member was to write and present a song that had anything to do with “vision” or the lack thereof. We’re missing three members from this photo (welcome to first-time attendee Crystal). Next month’s assignment: Two options: Write and present a song that includes a word that you made up, or that includes a non-4/4 time signature for at least part of the song.