February 13th 2015 Meeting

The cold couldn’t keep 6 of us from presenting our assignment for the month: Write a song about “time.” I think somebody said this was probably the first meeting where every single attendee had actually completed the assignment song successfully.

photo of attendees

6 attendees presented 6 songs about “time.”

  1. January 9th 2015 Meeting Comments Off
  2. The State I’m In — blakeleywalkerband Comments Off
  3. Sandy Blakeley’s “Worried Man” 1 Reply
  4. Mike Elmer’s “Watch What You Do” 1 Reply
  5. Toronto Songwriters June 2013 Meeting Comments Off
  6. Paul (gui)Tarvydas—
    Imagery — Pluck My Senses
    7 Replies
  7. Paul Tarvydas — Haunt Me in the Night Comments Off
  8. Robin Peacocke —TSA Featured Songwriter Comments Off
  9. Bob Ivanoff – I Do it All For You Comments Off