About Bob Ivanoff

Born in California but moved to Toronto when he was 7, Handed an Ibenez acoustic guitar and Neil Young's "Harvest" by his older Brother Rick, www.rickivanoff.com, he set his roots in classic folk and Rock music. Never looking back and staying true to himself, he has written a ton of material. With a home computer, Band in a Box, Reaper and a Zoom hand held recorder, he is creating what some say is "Breakthrough honest" material. Rolling Stoner says "Roll with Bob, his music will get you Higher!" New York Old Timers says "Music like it use to be...real and true, keep your depends on, this music will make you poop your pants!" Peoples Magazine says: "What about Bob?" Proud to be a TSA member. This group of people keep pushing your limits and making you a better song writer. Keep checking back!